Investing In Stocks For An Easier Life

A decade ago and several more years, my life was not as easy as what I do now. I literally started from zero, just a mere college graduate and started to work at a production company and dreamt of a corporate career, being one of the executives of the company, wearing those black suits to office with a secretary that would greet you and remind you of your daily appointments and meetings. It seemed so amazing for me then, but as I tried working on my career path, I also saved some amount on the side for the rainy days. Click here to know more about this site

My office mates would say that I am one of the thriftiest person they knew as I am still single but I spend like those guys with families and it seemed that I have a family since I do not hang out with them much in the bars and other night places. I would rather go home early and take a rest and do my workout early the following day before going to work. Then I noticed that our bosses’ work is not as easy and cool as I thought. There are times that they are still in their offices while everyone else has gone home. So instead of aiming for such a position, I just invested my savings with hot stocks as I have read about it and it promised a better future and makes life more simpler.

So I continued to invest most of my extra savings there, and after a decade has gone, the dividends that I am receiving is even higher that what my bosses are receiving. So I thought why stress myself with such job while I can just enjoy my life now as a semi-retired person. As my office mates still spends a lot and as they say they enjoy life each day. I would now file for several weeks ofleave as I would enjoy the waters of Bahamas.