Weighing eSports

A significant portion of the internet usage goes to gaming. In 2016, it was found out that 15% of the time spent on mobile internet went to accessing gaming apps in Android and iOS devices. These games are not mere forms of individual entertainment too. They have become big competitive sports for which players from all over the world are participating in.

Yes, playing League of Legends (LoL) or Defense of the Ancients (Dota) on your own or with your family and friends could be fun. But it could also become much more exciting when you see excellent players go against each other. Not only will that be exhilarating, you can also learn several things from their gaming strategies.

Many people have been following esports news to keep updated of the biggest tournaments there are such as Intel Extreme Masters and League of Legends World Championship. A lot of eSports enthusiasts watch YouTube uploads of matches with commentaries. Some are such a big fan that they even travel to the tournament venue just to watch the games.

While it is an engaging form of amusement and a good source of income for those who compete in it professionally, here are some reminders:

Playing these games can be addicting. Make sure that it does not take the time which would have been spent on important stuff like chores, assignments and work.

While playing professionally in eSports could provide a good amount of income, bear in mind that this is not for forever. Sooner or later, there will be younger and better gamers than you are so make sure you have another career to fall back on.
Reading these eSports news makes it sound so fun, interesting and inviting to compete in. However, you need to balance the actual and virtual realities.